Friends playing cards and drinking beer

In Beeramid, 15 cards are laid out in a pyramid formation, starting with five cards at the base and ending with one at the top. Each player is dealt four cards. The dealer starts the round by flipping the top card of the pyramid. Any player with a card of the same value in their hand (or any player who pretends to have such a card in their hand) can tell another player to drink. The drinker continues to CHUGG for a period of time determined by the flipped card’s position in the pyramid (a card from the top requires the least amount of drinking time, while a card from the bottom row requires the most).

If the person assigning the drink has more than one card matching the flipped card, the length of drinking time is multiplied by the number of matching cards he or she has in their hand (or claims to have). The player who is assigned to drink can either start chugging, or accuse the other player of bluffing. The accused then has to prove themselves or reveal that they were indeed lying. If they were not lying, the accuser must drink double the amount assigned, and the accused returns their revealed card(s) to the deck and draws replacement cards. If the accused person was caught lying, they keep their cards secret and must drink double the amount assigned. The game ends when every card in the pyramid has been turned over.

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