Friends drinking beer and playing frisbee at a backyard bbq picnic

Beersbee can be known by many different names including Polish horseshoes, Frisnock or Frimsee, and played with a minimum of 2 people.

To play, each team gets 1 pole and places them approx. 36 feet apart from each other. Of course, it would be silly to put an open beer on the target, so place 2 empty beer bottles on each pole and true to an outdoor drinking game, you must have a beer in each hand.

Each team gets a Frisbee and the goal of Beersbee is to throw the Frisbee and knock over the beer perched on top of the other team’s goalposts.

You can either aim to hit the beer or hitting the pole will garner you points as well. If the team hits your beer bottle off that’s 2 CHUGGS, if they hit the pole that’s one.

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